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Friday Nights Have Been Lonely

Friday Nights Have Been Lonely

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me trying to flirt: so what albums make you cry


Alexander David Turner improving music industry and our lives since January 6th 1986. 

Happy Birthday!

do you still feel younger than you thought you would by now?

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voidz-of-katarifame asked: gaH I LOVE YOUR BLOG

Oh well…thank you. Naaahh I’m just kidding (omg I need to get a life) I love yours too ♥

Alex and Matt on Julian Casablancas

Alex: I mean even when we are trying to cover a song and pick out the harmonies I find it hard to tune myself into that. I am still trying to work on that part. Some people are really good at it.
Matt: Yeah , like (affects accent) Casablancas.
Alex: Yeah. Like Julian Casablancas. He’s great at it. I mean there are great lyrics on those tunes too. But even on that new solo record, on that “11th Dimension” tune, the first thing that struck me about that is that there is the hook—and just when you are sort of getting your head around it he moves somewhere else. The way he just jumps around…
Matt: It is like he has too many good ideas.

Why the Strokes are still the most important band of our time


Great article

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